The deal

vancouverMaybe you’ve heard of a housing swap before? It’s when people temporarily trade their homes for vacations. I arranged something similar with my dear friends the O’hanlons. They wanted to take a month long vacation traveling around the west coast. They also needed someone to take care of their dog and home in Hawaii while they’d be away. So, we made a deal. They get my Tesla to drive for their vacation, and I get to spend a month in Hawaii. I picked them up at the Vancouver airport June 8th and got to spend a few days with them, being a tourist in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and introducing them to the nuances of road tripping in an electric car. I think we’re both pretty happy with the deal.

This is why I had to hurry on the northern part of the trip. My doc’s appt couldn’t be changed, and their flight couldn’t be changed. Frankly, my need for speed has made this stunt a bust. I didn’t have time for the challenging (time-wise) side trip to North Dakota and thus won’t have driven to all of the continental 48 states. Not on this trip. I feel I’ve been ill prepared anyway and should make a better planned stab at this stunt. I don’t have a decent camera, dash cam, planned route, and swapping the car (temporarily) in exchange for food and lodging could be considered disingenuous to the idea of making a trip without spending money. Let’s call this a trial run. Besides, although I enjoy all the food the O’hanlons left for me at their home and fresh mangos, I really want to go have some Thai food, just once, while I’m here. 🙂


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