Trip part I, the North. summary.


I left NY Friday afternoon, straight from my cardiologist’s appointment. I drove almost straight to Chicago, taking a nap when I charged sometimes. In the early AM I slept for a couple hours before finishing the leg to Chicago.

I stopped in Chicago Saturday mornin, had a walk, shower, breakfast, Very strong coffee, and lots of great caffeine fueled conversation  with my friends Jeff and Kari. I left around noon.

I drove Interstate highway 90 until I got tired and slept in my Tesla pop up at a rest area in South Dakota Saturday night.

I left at sunup Sunday around 5am and drove to Montana. Still on I-90. The drive started to get really beautiful. Magnificent part of the country. Majestic scenery.

There were so many bugs on my ‘grill’ that as i was cleaning it, I wondered if there was some type of fish processing plant nearby, because of the smell. Nope, it turns out that fish guts smell a lot like bug guts, especially when your grill looks like the mosquito apocalypse. I had to throw that cleaning rag away afterwards.

I had a good long sleep in the Tesla Sunday night.

Monday morning I finished the drive across the very long state of Montana to Missoula, near the western border of the state.

I met up with my dear friend, Sharmayne, and her family, around noon. We had an excellent visit. They treated me to dinner overlooking the river and later we had smores in the backyard.  I stayed overnight and made a lazy, late start Tuesday morning. Wonderful family.

I made the ‘short’ trip on to Spokane, Washington and Lita. We had a good chat. I really enjoy personal sharing with Lita because she is equally open and has good input. We (Lita, her sister Sinead, Samson the dog, and I) took a long stroll around Spokane. I had no idea how beautiful it is. Lots of parks and waterfalls abound. We also encountered a noisy clan of marmots.

Lita made us a yummy late dinner and gave me the guest room for a nap. I say nap because I had to get up at midnight to start the drive to Vancouver. My dear friends, Mic, Megan, and Ruby were arriving at Vancouver, B.C. airport at 8:45 AM and I had to pick them up.

I made it. I was a few minutes late, but they were delayed a few minutes going through customs, so it worked out.



4 thoughts on “Trip part I, the North. summary.

    1. It is now. The dates of the northern segment of the trip were June 3rd to June 8th. There’s another portion of trip tales to come, but t
      he sabbatical has begun.


  1. So, I am off the beaten path for sure (I-90) but if you are interested, and your Tesla can be serviced, off the main interstate, you were only 3 1/2 hours away from me in both Missoula and Spokane. Next time take the real scenic drive via highway 12.


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