The plan

Today I have an annual doctor’s appt. After that, I’m off and driving from my home here in Herkimer, NY. I’ll be going fairly straight on through to Seattle. On the first night I plan to reach Chicago. On the second, as far as I can manage, probably South Dakota. On the third, I plan to stop in Missoula, Montana. On the fourth night, Spokane, Washington. Along the way, I’ll go out of route a bit to pick up Michigan, probably Iowa, and North Dakota. There are more Tesla owners now, and hopefully I’ll find one to help me out for North Dakota. It’s one of only two areas that still don’t have supercharging courtesy of Tesla.

After reaching Washington, I’ll visit Vancouver and take a break from driving for a month to write a book about the first ever trip to all 50 states in an electric vehicle. In mid-July, I’ll start back up again and come back across on a more southern route.


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