Tesla pop up

KINDLE_CAMERA_1465063981000KINDLE_CAMERA_1465064122000KINDLE_CAMERA_1465064152000KINDLE_CAMERA_1465064185000KINDLE_CAMERA_1465064232000KINDLE_CAMERA_1465064240000  It’s so nice. privacy, as much room as a tent, a huge moon roof. Total  cost, $35.

Duck cloth (water resistant) and some velcro.


4 thoughts on “Tesla pop up

    1. I’ve only used the pop up once so far. It was great. Laying down with my head at the rear bumper, the view of the stars through the window was very nice. I was concerned about mosquitoes, especially because my grill looked like the mosquito apocalypse, but there were none. I didn’t need a/c, so that hasn’t been tested. No rain test yet either. The convenience is excellent. It comes down, folds up, and packs away in seconds.


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