Trip prep: physical

My model S is very comfortable. I have no problem sitting in the driver’s seat for hours driving, or lounging around while the car charges; listening to music, surfing the web, or taking a nap. However, my body moves like a rusty old hinge afterwards if I haven’t been doing something to stay in shape.

On the first 50 state tour, my driving partner Lita showed me a yoga routine of about a dozen moves and we did it every day except for one or two. That helped a LOT. I plan on continuing that regimen on this trip.

During the past couple weeks, I’ve gone on some long walks and a few short runs to get myself tuned up for the trip. Yesterday I was particularly pleased with my effort. I set out to run just 1/2 a mile at a ten minute/mile pace. When I was done, I discovered that I had done it at a 7:45 minute/mile pace. The best part was that despite my heart condition, it felt good.

Re: Diet. I’ve gained quite a few pounds in recent years, maybe ten in just the past year. Long term, I want to lose a minimum of 20lbs. Not an easy task for someone who is sitting around most of the time. So, I’m making efforts to exclude or minimize sugar, carbohydrates, and meat. I’ve had some success, but often have trouble with snaking and portion control. Fruit, vegetables and nuts are where it’s at, and drinking lots of water.

On a daily basis, I see remarkable differences in how well I feel based on my level of physical activity, what I eat, and how much. I’ll be mindful of that so that I can achieve this goal and drive my electric car to all of the lower 48 states (maybe all 50!) without spending a dime.


One thought on “Trip prep: physical

  1. You know you’re getting old when: you go for a short run and somehow hurt your thumb. Not by falling down or anything, it just suffers structural failure from traveling at the breakneck speed of 8mph.


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