50 States in an electric vehicle

Hi, Michael Fritts here. In 2014, Lita Elbertson and I became the first people to drive an all electric vehicle to all fifty United States. 1044618_457796420982259_330182205_n

In 2015, Peter and his dog, Iceman, became the second to make the trip.

Now it’s 2016. To the best of my knowledge, no one else is ready to pick up the mantle and make the journey, so I plan on doing it again myself. This time with a catch – I’ll do it without spending any money.

To demonstrate the ease of traveling cross country in an all electric vehicle, I’ll just pack a cooler, some dry goods, and hit the road without spending a cent. Obviously, getting a vehicle shipped to Hawaii isn’t free, so I’ll either have to make an exception for that, or exclude it this time and make it a 48 state, continental US tour instead.

I leave Friday, June 3rd.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “50 States in an electric vehicle

  1. Hey Mike!
    If you’re swinging by the SW corner of Bernie’s home state this weekend please let me know… I’ve got a burger and a beer with your name on it (and a couch if need be…)
    Either way, cheers and good fortune to you… JA Seed


  2. Mike, looking forward to following the trip! I know the blogging can slow down a trip, but we’d sure appreciate some commentary and photos along the way. Hoping the “doing it for free” part opens eyes about the economy of long-distance driving in a Tesla. I can’t break free for a mainland road trip this year, but it’ll be so fun to ride along through the blog.
    Peter and Iceman


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